Saturday, 14 July 2018

A Return to Painting after 42 Years

On May 19th we visited the RSC in Stratford upon Avon to see an exhibition by Sir Antony Sher. I did like many of the paintings (especially the one of Desmond Barrit) but they were all beyond what I could afford. Then I had a thought. Back in 1976 I got a grade B in my art O' Level. My art teacher thought I would be lucky to scrape a C but I must have risen to the occasion. I don't  think I could have taken art beyond O' Level and made a career from it but I did enjoy painting. My idea was to buy some canvasses and paints and have a go at painting again after a 42 year break. I was surprised how little these things cost. I bought a set of three A4 canvasses and a starter pack of acrylics with brushes included all for under £10. That's about the same price as a CD or DVD. I decided to paint a view of Ely Cathedral taken over the fens, Urquhart castle, and the Moon over a hedgerow in Fakenham. I started all three at once because I found it was less wasteful of paint as I could use blues and greens across all three canvases for the backgrounds without having to clean my palette or brushes.  I finished my first painting today. The Moon over a Fakenham hedgerow. 
I don't think the RSC or anyone else will be rushing to offer me an exhibition but I found painting was a relaxing pastime for weekends and a nice change from work. Acrylics mix and blend really easily and they are easier to use than the terrible quality watercolours we used to use at school which I remember as being very gritty. 


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