Sunday, 20 May 2018

On the Avon

Whilst there is lots to see and do in Stratford upon Avon with absolutely no charge at all, such as the free exhibition of Sir Antony Sher's paintings and drawings at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre (RST) as well as the many theatrical costumes on display inside in the public spaces, for less than £10 it is possible to have a coffee at Carluccios sitting outside on the Waterside in the sunshine overlooking the RST and then go on a 40 minute river boat tour of the Avon starting from outside the RST. Some of the banks of the Avon have not changed since Shakespeare's time because they flood regularly and are not suitable for building on. The view of the Holy Trinity Church from the river is magnificent and there are plenty of swans bobbing up and down on the river following the boats along.

However, the highlight of the trip as to be seeing the RST from the back. The grey windows are the actors dressing rooms. Last year during afternoon boat trips the actor playing Julius Caesar could be seen in his dressing room in full costume talking into his mobile phone totally unaware that the passengers on the river boat below could see him. I hope his caller did not warn him he was about to be murdered by the other senators and Brutus after the interval!! He might not have gone back on stage!!

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