Monday, 4 December 2017

A Cold Super Moon

Today (Decmber 4th) there was a Cold Super Moon. The tradition is that a Super Moon in December is called a Cold Super Moon. The image below was taken at 06:30 when it was still dark with a Canon Powershot handheld by my wife.
I took the next image a hour later with my Motorola phone when it was light but a little misty.
The Lunar Maria can be clearly seen with the unaided eye although no craters are visible. There must have been Super Moons in the Tudor period when lunar features could be clearly seen, but there are few surviving drawings or paintings.  The Tudors seemed content with three lunar features: the Man, the Bush, and the Dog and found little reason to investigate further. In A Winter's Tale The Old Shepherd describes Doricles (who is really Prince Florizel in disguise) in favourable terms because he "never gazed the Moon" (Act 4, Scene 4).

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