Sunday, 8 October 2017

Big Henry Takes Shape

The Holbein the younger portrait of Henry VIII shows a mighty man at the height of his power. This was a big man who thought on a big scale. Unfortunately he did not always treat his many wives very well and like many rulers of the time he was not afraid to silence those who displeased him by removing their heads.  
I started my work on my Big Henry telescope yesterday and left the glue to dry overnight.  The beauty of making a telescope is that there is no need to be too concerned about appearance of the inside parts because everything will be covered over and out of sight when the project is finished.  
The work in progress as shown below, next to my orginal prototype for comparison, with another historic LP featuring Rick Wakeman to show the scale.  The objective lens is a 10 inch diameter plano convex lens with a 5X magnification. I hope to complete Big Henry next weekend.

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