Saturday, 21 October 2017

A Yorkshire Interlude

Earlier this year in June I attended the Festival of Ideas in York. It was a totally free event with exhibitions, concerts and lectures all over the city. It a really worthwhile inspiring event and one I will try to attend again in coming years.  At the Kings Manor quite by chance I met the respected academic Dr Mary Garrison. I spoke to her for a few minutes about the role of speculation. She told me that speculation was fine and to be encouraged, but that speculation must not be presented as fact. So for example to say that 'possibly something may have happened' is acceptable but to say that 'something has happened' is not unless there is concrete proof.  Shakespeare's Othello sees a mislaid handkerchief as evidence of his wife's adultery. However, the reader of the play and the playgoer know that Othello has been tricked by the cunning of Iago who wishes his downfall.
With these thoughts in mind I will return to Hamlet again in my next post. 

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